What is in this blog? Randomness.

A few years ago, my hobby was simply doing what I love– writing fiction. I started writing stories when I was in elementary. Sadly, I’ve left that hobby after reaching a certain stage of life where the community just smacks you and say “there are more important things”.  That is truly one of the greatest mistake I ever did. So here I am repairing my relationship to writing. I will truly love the day I can write stories again. But for the meantime, here I am writing bits and pieces like a baby slowly learning how to walk.

Yes indeed, this is the random thoughts of some random girl and there is definitely no specificity! Basically, this blog serves as medium to things I find interesting. Who knows? You might like them too! So if you like coffee, mystery novels (or generally reading), quotes, and other stuff in this blog, then you’re definitely in the right page! Do drop some comments once in a while, it will truly make my day.

Thanks for dropping by! 🙂