Life Experiences

To ‘The One’

First off, I hope you’re doing fine. Sorry, it’s taking me so long to be worthy of having you but I promise it’ll be worth the wait. I’m really working on a lot of personality development and it’s driving me crazy, trust me, but I’m not giving up until I get there.

I’m actually wondering what you’re doing right this very moment. I know it could be anything but you’re most probably asleep by now. What a lovely thought it is to think that one day I could be beside you and wake up next to your smiling, sweet face. Of course right now you’re probably dating other people, and that’s totally fine. Because no matter how much I want to be with you right now, I know I’m not ready. Even if you welcome me with open arms, I’m only going to self-destruct and ruin our relationship together. But hey, maybe you’re working on a lot of things within yourself too, and that’s great! šŸ˜€

Uhm, bottom line, all I really want to say is that I can’t wait to be with you but thank you for not being here yet. Thank you for letting me enjoy my youngest days. Thank you for making me create years and years of memories — happy, sad, and most often crazy memories — that I can share with you over dinner or movie for the rest of our lives. One day I’ll tell you about the day my life changed so dramatically, I’ll let you laugh at my embarrassment like how I was drenched inside our own house with a neighbor as my witness, and I’ll tell you the simplest things that make me crack up and tear up. One day, I’ll tell you how at this very night I gained more strength to overcome what I’m going through because I’m thinking about you.

So, live on, love. I can’t wait to hear all about yourĀ adventures when we start going out (or staying in if you’re an introvert like me). I’ll see you soon! :*


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