Life Experiences

Free Flowing Thoughts

I was so happy working on my project. I am happy with everything going on and out of the blue my friend from the previous life decided to remind me that he loves his girlfriend very much, her and just her. Maybe it was the suddenness of it all but my chest contracted it felt like my heart was suffocating.

I need to write.

Every time something happens, it’s my first instinct to do so for it becomes my outlet.

Okay, I need funny pictures, horror stories, anything… Not just this again.

And so I browsed. My tight chest started to loosen, my breathing came back as I browsed through the funny pages. Then I came across this at my wordpress feed:


And I laughed so hard. It felt good. So I stopped, and wrote to put an end to this silly heartbreak.

I’ve never gotten used to the heartaches of life, and it’s probably because of my principle that if I do then I’ve already accepted that the world is a cold, heartless place where hurting is okay. But I don’t want to remain broken either. Boy, am I truly glad that the internet is around to search for sunshine. What a time to be alive.

The last time something like this happened, I needed to heal for another seven months. But now I was healed for seven minutes. I felt like my brain just hi-fived my heart for being stronger now. I was reminded that bad days will always pass. The storm is finally ending, and what a perfectly spectacular double rainbow is that behind the dark clouds.

I smiled, I picked up my project and my tutor pinged back. I started this project because of that friend from the previous life. But he so clearly pointed out I was not in the picture so, too bad. I shall continue this project at my own volition.

Are you kidding? Why would I trade a future happy relationship where my man can kiss me good morning and cuddle me goodnight? Why would I trade a sweet, faithful gentleman over that? The illusion is fading and hope is at hand.

THIS has only made me stronger.

I’m okay 🙂 And I’m happy 🙂


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