Placebo Effect in Love

I think many relationships today don’t last because the concept of ‘soul mate’ or ‘true love’ was such an effective placebo effect that when people are in love, they close the ‘what if’ mentality and love the person they’re with wholeheartedly. That’s why in the past, it was such a beautiful, generally accepted belief that relationships are not treated as games.

In these days, people in love are so criticized with ‘di kayo magtatagal’ (you won’t last) and ‘walang forever’ (forever doesn’t exist) that the thought of loyalty and long term emotional investment diminish with the thinking ‘there will be someone else.’

As they say, falling in love is a chance but staying in love is a choice. People may not realize how they’re destroying the subconscious of their own and other people when they vocalize the phrases ‘walang forever’ (forever doesn’t exist) and ‘magbbreak din kayo’ (you’ll break up anyway’. It actually affects how people view life, including one’s self. We’re unconsciously building the next generation with pessimism.

Forever and true love are not miracles or destinations of paradise, they’re what you create every time you say ‘no’ when given a chance to quit.

We, Filipinos, used to be one of the most conservative people who treat relationships and marriage with sanctity and respect. For a culture to destroy the beautiful thought of loyalty, faithfulness and love, we’re really something.







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