Lost Thoughts

Most of the time we settle for things simply because it’s what’s available.

This is the job that I have right now, and this is alright considering things. This is the circle of friends I have right now and given my personality I shouldn’t really complain. He/She likes me, meh, that’s good enough, we have those sweet moments. Better than being miserably single.

Everyone agrees that we should all be thankful for what we have, but this does not mean we should keep settling. We all get tired of waiting for the best thing because we’re uncertain and even more so, terrified, at the possibility that it might never come. Who can blame us, right? Uncertainty is really terrifying. What if we keep waiting and after all this time, we just fooled ourselves believing that something better is about to come? What if what we have right now is the best that it’s ever gonna get? If that’s the case, we’d choose to grab everything that feels like it’s gonna be the best and would never let that thing leave our grasp until something better appears. Is this really such a great idea?

Truth is, I have no idea.

Whether you should leave your current job for other matters or stay until a better one opens up is out of anyone’s jurisdiction to decide. Whether you should keep settling with every person you’ll fall in love with or wait for your ideal one is out of anyone’s imagination either. Because honestly, nobody knows the course of life you want to take better than you. We often think that every decision falls in only two categories: right or wrong. Who can say otherwise when when we make a ‘wrong’ decision, our line of thoughts always go ‘I should’ve picked the other option so this wouldn’t have happened.” Our fear to decide is there only because of consequences.

And that’s the thing – consequences. We all know every decision has at least one. Most of the time, what we think is a good decision is the one that would lead us to the least consequences because that’s how the world works — good people make the least or the lightest consequences, mistakes. But does it really?

Truth is, I believe that the only person who can determine whether the decision we make for ourselves are good or not … are ourselves. There are decisions we make that might seem so utterly idiotic for other people and even makes us miserable, but we know deep down that it’s the right thing to do and that it would give us peace that we’ve done it in the long run.

Honestly, I think that the decisions we do for the amusement of other people and personal security rather than what we truly feel is right for ourselves are the pretentious lies that lead us to think we’re living a good life rather than making choices to have the life we want.


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