6 Lessons I’ve Learned About Life

1. Do not rely your happiness to anyone other than yourself. Doing so will make you so dependent, hungry for so much attention and always clinging to things you have no control over. I mean come on–

2. –Give yourself a little more credit. It’s never wrong to appreciate the littlest things you achieve. Be proud. (Caution: do not interchange the word ‘proud’ with ‘boastful’)

3. Give everyone the right to their own opinions– Be the person who eats popcorn while watching comment debates in Facebook and YouTube. Isn’t that fun?!

4. –But learn how to filter. Only absorb the things you think are applicable to your situation. No one knows the situation you’re going through better than you.

5. Be your own person. Have your own opinions based on your own experiences and observations. By being easily swayed by other people’s opinions, you give yourself a little less credit than what you’re worth. Investigate. Use facts. Logic exists for a reason.

6. Let it go. Blaming yourself for the mistakes you did for the previous years will only make you, and you alone, suffer. Do not give that satisfaction to people who keep bringing you down.


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