Tale Before Bed

I watch another passed hour
As I am evaded by slumber
I cannot help but wonder
Is this fate’s way of a sick humor?

The night revives haunted memories
And they’re not the one for campfire stories
For even though I have retreated to new hobbies
History struggles to evanesce.

My body has gone weary
Eyes becoming too soggy
As I retreat so softly
To memories crying out desperately.

I still can’t resist his smile,
Embraces that take for a while
Was it all meant to beguile?
I guess he never really meant to meet me in the aisle.

I knew I wasn’t the perfect pearl
But he replaced me amidst a messy whirl
He finally found his dream girl
There was no other option but to curl.

If only tears could fill up a well
I’d wish a star where I can tell
“I wish to be released from this prison cell
Make me forget that I ever fell”


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