Loved No More

I keep reaching out to a person who won’t listen
Keep giving my heart until it’s barren
I keep crying ’til my eyes are swollen
Keep wishing to the stars that glisten

Is it really so wrong
To believe in a song
That says it won’t be long
‘Til you come back to me where you belong?

Please look back for one more time
Don’t our memories look sublime?
Were all of them just dreamtime?
Does holding on them make a crime?

Why are you so at ease
While I miss so much of your kiss?
Was I just for lease
And now I’m on dismiss?

How can your heart harden
To this love of us that you made happen?
Now I feel I’ve been dumped by heaven
So broken and so overbeaten

Think of me, for once just please
Why are you treating me like a disease?
I’m burdened that you now hiss
At me, whom you used to miss.


Image Source: https://iambittersweet.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/tumblr_lrqp9i5prp1qixa3wo1_500_large.jpg?w=646


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