Life Experiences

I think I’m on the wrong major

I was just about to go home earlier when my eyes happened to pass by the 50% Off sign at the National Bookstore. Then suddenly– REFLEX! I rushed over without a second thought and started to skim through the hundreds of books (the sale is mostly intended for textbooks) and I felt a rush when I saw a book for criminology students about reading fingerprints. This would be normal— if I wasn’t an accounting student. This only sunk in my head after I finished reading the excerpt.

“YAY! I’m definitely buying this! Only 50php, nice!”

“Wait– you should look for accounting textbooks first”

“Oh yeah… (after finding none) None, wew (relieved) I can buy more! Oh this– Security Training Topics, this looks interesting!”

“Hold on, there’s a textbook about Management here. You’re a business student, this would be more appropriate”

“But– but— I want to read this more. Oh my gosh, look at all these books about tax laws. Nevermind, they’re too pricey. Oh but hey laws on nursing! Only 10php, I should buy this.” *grabs book*

“WHAT? Why? You’re not even a nursing student”

“Yeah but.. they’re laws… And you never know when you might need to….. test someone if they’re really a nurse!”

“You’re reasoning… -_- Hey look, it’s a book about partnership and corporation laws, this is more useful to you.”

“Hmm, but.. Fine, they’re still laws, I’ll take it.” *takes book*

After an hour of going through the book sale and going to the cash register..

“That book about security is way cheaper than this partnership book..”

“Hey! No, I know what you’re doing. You’re making excuses!”

“No, it really is. I should buy the cheaper one!”

“What the–?! Hey! Don’t you—”

“Too late!”

And in the end, I managed to buy both textbooks for criminology and none related to my course.. And I kind of not regret that… which is troubling.


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