Please come back

Pain devours the depths of my soul
As I recall our goodbyes that took my all
A havoc wreaks by the demented ghoul
Endlessly hunting my heart’s hall

I drag my being from dusk ’til dawn
Keeping facades of jolly toys
Keeping the greens of an empty lawn
Is a spiral of what seems to be endless coys

I have already reached so far above
Longing you’ll endow me those warm smiles
Yet your silence… It brings me grief, my love
Then you’ve told me you’re heading to a different aisle

Everyday I yearn for these to be nightmares
That a day shall come where my eyes can open
Where still your love is mine and not hers
Where our love never came to an end

The river of tears that I have kept at bay
Gushed like the wind through the windows
I remembered your promise that you will always stay
Believing in which had led me to the gallows

I know that your happiness should bring me tranquility
But no, my heart begs that you come back to me
Please wake me up and embrace me tightly
Please tell me I am yours as you are to me.

Image Source: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRy_vf5KPpGYLOblbbBeS6ROrW8OyuJpW9bS4UAFbR0zxTYaoy1RA


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