A thought on the teaching profession

I was in the middle of a challenging class. I wasn’t able to grasp anything anymore because it’s as if I can feel a hard metal hammering my brain piercing through my skull. I finally decided that it won’t be much use if I keep on pushing my head
to absorb all those slides flashing at the board so I sighed and stared outside the window. I started to revisit the memories I had with the tough classes that had made me do the same thing and I was starting to see the pattern that when I’m having troubles understanding something, I truly hesitate to ask the professor / teacher because most of the students who try to do so end up making the professor either hate that student, shame him/her and lower his/her self-esteem forever or ignore it.

Remember when professions were ventured by people who were working for their passion rather than for money, fame and/or title? If an educator’s job is to educate, then why do they ask students to study and figure things out on their own? It certainly is a logical and reasonable assumption that we ask a teacher when we don’t know something, but why do they ask us to fetch the answer someplace else?

Don’t get me wrong, I truly love the profession of teaching, the greatest profession in my opinion because I believe that the best calling in life is giving something which value cannot be equaled to anything… and that is knowledge. But if having knowledge is simply the basis of being an educator, then all of us could be teachers! Why not, right? I mean all of us knows something and everybody can learn from anybody.

But that is exactly what makes a teacher so special, ladies and gents. What makes a teacher so unique is not the ultimate knowledge in the world but the way he makes it learned. I personally love learning, I believe that all people love learning, it’s just that we have different ways on how we want to achieve it. What makes a teacher so admirable in my opinion is their ultimate passion to develop techniques to truly embed these knowledge to a student’s life. That’s why it is truly unacceptable in my opinion when I hear from my friends that they have professors who would make them wait for hours in class, that shows disrespect to students’ time (yes we too deserve respect with our times), that they have professors who would come in, give tons of reading materials for homework and give the quiz about it the next day without discussion. Because for me, that is not learning. And one of the things that I cannot accept from any teacher is when they give exams on things ‘you’re supposed to know’ even if they haven’t taught it yet. I mean honestly, if I know such things I wouldn’t ask to get education from a teacher at all. And if there’s any attitude I’d have to pick as the worst one when it comes to an educator, I would never hesitate to say that I hate teachers who TAKE PLEASURES in making their students fail. That, I believe, goes against every principle that the teaching profession has. Don’t even make me go there.

So in the end, I truly salute those educators who still have the passion to their profession. And I believe that all students salute an excellent educator at various points in their lives. Right now I am just eternally grateful that I am in an institution where most of the educators are excellent professors, people who care about what students learn rather than their pride. I believe that being a teacher is not being a ruler where you can simply order students around. Like anybody else, an educator’s respect is earned.


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