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Dependence. Independence. Interdependence. I realized that I have been emotionally dependent for most of my life. If I could, I would travel back in time and stop myself from blaming people for the negative emotions I felt - emotions that I thought gave me the right to be a cold-hearted, selfish person I am today.… Continue reading Clairvoyance

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Is it not meant to be?

While I was having my regular existential crisis before going to bed this afternoon, I realized that every time I try to go to the "serious career" path, somehow I always end up going on a different one. Like... *4 years ago* Le me: *3rd year college in the middle of taking Accountancy degree* Le… Continue reading Is it not meant to be?

Life Experiences

Being Emotionally Turbulent in a Dysfunctional World

WARNING: Not suitable for audiences who dislike ranting. For two almost four weeks now, I've been in the most emotionally distressing days of my life that my sister is actually calling this my delayed puberty stage. Probably because I haven't really acted out before; to be fair though, I haven't been this stressed before from… Continue reading Being Emotionally Turbulent in a Dysfunctional World